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Orwell Veterinary Group
Berners House
56 Berners Street
Tel: 01473 257557

The oldest established family owned vet practice in Ipswich. Our Berners Street branch vet practice is located in Ipswich Town Centre. Situated half way down Berners Street ( near Christchurch park ) we are conveniently located for central Ipswich (IP1 postcodes) with free On Site Parking for our customers. Most people know Berners Street because of the large number of dental practices located here.
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A History Of A Vet Practice In Ipswich

There has been a Vet Practice on Berners Street in Ipswich for more than 50 years. The current building used to house the Red Cross Offices in Ipswich until the 1960’s when it was sold to the oldest vet practice in Ipswich. At that time the vet practice was predominantly an equine and large animal practice reflecting the agricultural bias around Ipswich as well as the need for vets to care for the many horses working at Ipswich Docks, where the practice was located prior to moving to Berners Street. In the late 1970’s Mr Kendrick joined the partnership to develop the small animal side of the practice. As the agriculture around Ipswich dwindled and small animal veterinary practices started to develop nationwide the bias of the practice started to shift. By the 1990’s the practice was predominantly a domestic pet vet practice. In 1994 Charles Bagnall joined Mr Kendrick and in 1996 James Bagnall joined the practice when Mr Kendrick retired. At that stage the practice was renamed Orwell Veterinary Group and Charles and James Bagnall remain the owners and lead vets to this day. Berners House underwent a major refurbishment in 1997 to accommodate the increasing number of domestic pet clients. To read more about Orwell Vet Group and its other branch vet practices in Ipswich Click here
If you are looking for an Ipswich Vet that is experienced, family owned, and part of the community then Orwell Vet Group is that vet practice.
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Berners St Branch
56 Berners Street
Ipswich IP1 3LU
Tel 01473 257557

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2 Manningtree Road
Stutton IP9 2SW
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Kesgrave IP5 2BZ
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